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As a courier partner with zipmend Express you can find new courier orders and transports from the whole of Germany and Europe.

  • Find new orders and transports
    With zipmend you’ll quickly and easily receive new courier orders in your region, in Germany and within all of Europe
  • Quick and secure Payment
    You will be paid by zipmend 14 days after receipt of invoice
  • Mobile-Friendly
    zipmend can also be accessed on the go, directly from your phone
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    Simply register online and receive new orders for free

Shortly after your registration we will contact you to discuss all further issues. If you still have any questions, please feel free to send us a mail:


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More orders, more revenue

zipmend is the quick and comfortable transport solution for you as a courier or shipping company. Currently around 80-90% of our transports are within Germany. The rest are normally to or from the bordering countries. The shipments are made up of around 1-2 Euro pallets and should be loaded within 2 hours and then delivered directly. If you are looking for freight or wish to offer free loading space, then zipmend Express is the right platform for you. In just a few clicks you can improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations by reducing empty kilometers or by discovering suitable transport offers.

How does it work?

With our quick and easy to use software we can send you transport enquiries by e-mail, Skype or SMS (whichever is best for you). If you receive the order, you can use our software to send the collection and delivery addresses to your driver by SMS. Furthermore, it will soon be possible to upload photos of the delivery note, so that they can be promptly available. So you can get the most out of your fleet and maximise your potential.

zipmend Express – numerous orders

As a courier Partner you will receive with zipmend Express access to a variety of orders from the courier and express field. Our direct and urgent transports are primarily for 3.5t vehicles and small transporters. With simple control options and practical online-tools, our software continues to impress, allowing you to effectively manage your transport even whilst on the move.

Receiving orders with zipmend Express - this is how it works

Transport enquiry

As soon as we have a Transport, which suits your profile, that is, it is in your preferred region and can be transported by one of your vehicles, you will receive a transport enquiry from us by e-mail, Skype or SMS (whichever you prefer)

2. Make your offer

If your vehicle is available, you can send us your price (E-mail, Skype or SMS) and let us know the possible collection and delivery times (if applicable)

3. Assignment

You receive the transport order from us by e-mail and if applicable, by Skype or SMS, with all the necessary details regarding collection and delivery. You also have the opportunity to send the collection and delivery addresses directly via SMS to your driver using our software.

4. Carrying out the transport

The driver picks up the load at the agreed time from the collection point and heads out on the direct route. After the delivery you should also inform zipmend that the shipment has been delivered successfully. In a few weeks, your driver will also have the opportunity to send us a photo of the signed delivery note using his phone.

5. Secure Payment

After successful Transportation you can send zipmend Express the invoice. After receipt of the invoice and any necessary delivery documents we will pay you, as our courier partner, within 14 days.