Become a Courier Partner with zipmend Express

As a courier partner with zipmend Express you can find new courier orders and transports in your region and within all of Europe.

It’s easy and free. Register now and start receiving orders from zipmend right after account activation.

Find new orders

We offer a wide range of orders - you will find transports for small packages but also for several pallets or machine parts.

Fast and secure payment

You will be paid within 14 days after we receive your invoice.


zipmend can also be used on your phone. You will be notified by SMS when transport orders are available in your area.

Free to use

The use of zipmend is free of charge for you.

How to receive orders

Find an order

You will receive email and SMS alerts from us for orders that fit your region and vehicle type. You can also search for orders in our app.

Make an offer

If you want to carry out a transport for us, submit a freight price.

Receive order

We will send you a transport order containing all necessary details by e-mail and SMS.


Drive to the loading address and pick up the shipment at the agreed time. Deliver directly to the unloading place. Once the goods have been delivered, you inform us about the successful transport and send us the signed delivery note.


After you have completed the transport, you can send us your invoice. Once we receive the invoice and delivery note, we will make a payment to you within 14 days.

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What do I need in order to become a courier partner?

You need to own a registered business and have an up-to-date carrier liability insurance.

How often will I receive orders?

We do not provide full capacity, only individual orders are given to our courier partners. Our app is ideal for supplementing your existing business.

What about the payment?

We will agree on a fixed freight price per order. For each order, you can see our price proposal online which you can either accept or adjust. After a successful transport, you can send us an invoice and the signed delivery note. We will pay within 14 days after receipt.

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