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Dangerous goods contain substances which, by their nature, may be dangerous to humans and/or the environment. In the technical jargon, these are also referred to as ADR goods. They may therefore only be transported under strict conditions.

We carry out dangerous goods transports with specially trained drivers and specially equipped vehicles (including fire extinguishing systems, large personal protective equipment and external warning signs). If the dangerous goods comprise only small quantities (limited quantity> – less than 1,000 points) or are packed in very small quantities (exempted quantity), there may be exemption from certain rules during transport. Please contact our service team if you have any questions about our services in the field of courier and express for dangerous goods.

Due to the limited number of dangerous goods vehicles, we can only offer ADR transports subject to vehicle availability. Furthermore, we absolutely need to know the quantity to be transported, the UN number and the packaging group before the start of the transport. 

Therefore, please call us (+49 40 228 597 20)

Gefahrgutfahrzeug für Gefahrguttransporte (ADR)

Key data of our dangerous goods vehicles

420 x 210 x 210 cm

max.   1,200 kg

up to 8 pallets

ADR over 1,000 points

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