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The right vehicle for every requirement

As a renowned courier service, we offer a wide range of transport options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need to transport goods that are particularly heavy or bulky, need to be kept cool, or are classified as hazardous materials, we have the solution.

Our aerial lift transport is perfect for transporting heavy and bulky goods such as machinery, building materials or furniture. Our specially equipped vehicles are equipped with lifting platforms that can carry up to 2 tons. This allows us to load and transport your goods easily and safely.

We also specialize in the transportation of dangerous goods and strictly adhere to all regulations and safety standards. Our drivers are specially trained and our vehicles are equipped with the necessary devices to make the transportation of dangerous goods safe and efficient.

Our experienced staff will take care of every aspect of your transportation, ensuring that your goods arrive safely and on time. We offer flexible and customized transportation solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. Contact us today to learn more about our transportation options and receive a no-obligation quote. Due to the limited number of vehicles, we can only offer temperature-controlled transports, transports with lifting platforms and transports with hazardous goods if vehicles are available. Therefore, please call our service team (+49 40 228 597 20) or send us an email (
Key data of our vehicles with a lifting platform

Key data of our vehicles with a lifting platform

420 x 210 x 210 cm
max. 800 kg
up to 8 pallets
Easy loading of heavy packages (max. 500 kg each)
Our vehicles with lifting platform allow easy loading and unloading of heavy shipments up to a total weight of 800kg. All vehicles are equipped with a lift truck and a tail lift (lifting platform), which can lift or lower packages up to 500kg from the ground to vehicle level. With the lift truck we can quickly and easily bring the shipment as close as possible to the destination.

Unsere Kühlfahrzeuge

360 x 200 x 180 cm
max. 800 kg
bis zu 6 Paletten
Temperatur -20 °C bis +40 °C
Unsere Kühlfahrzeuge können bis zu 800kg und bis zu 6 Europaletten laden. Sie verfügen über einen Temperaturbereich von -20 °C bis +40 °C der in einem Korridor von 3-4°C eingehalten werden kann. Alle Fahrzeuge sind für die Durchführung der Kühltransporte mit Temperaturfühlern und Protokolldruckern ausgestattet, mit denen die Temperatur eindeutig protokolliert wird und Sie somit immer die Kühlkette einhalten können.
Key data of our dangerous goods vehicles

Key data of our dangerous goods vehicles

420 x 210 x 210 cm
max. 1.200 kg
up to 8 pallets
ADR over 1,000 points
We transport dangerous goods with specially trained drivers and specially equipped vehicles (including fire extinguishing systems, large personal protective equipment and warning signs on the outside). If the dangerous goods only comprise small quantities (limited quantity -> less than 1,000 points) or if they are packed in very small quantities (exempted quantity), there may be facilitations for these during transport. Please contact our service team if you have any questions about our courier and express services for dangerous goods.