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Courier service - direct transports

Deliver today

Deliver directly today

for urgent shipments, which should have been there yesterday - Direct to destination - Europe-wide

Pick-up in 60-120 min.

Germany-wide and in all economic centres of Europe - current average in 72 min.

Cheap fixed price

up to 1,200 kg payload per vehicle and from the letter up to 10 euro pallets
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zipmend Express Kurierdienst - Pakete und Briefe auf Palette mit Turbinen

We deliver with these benefits

Personal contact
We are available to you by telephone and provide clarity in case of questions.

Persönlicher Kontakt
Immediate feedback
We will respond to your transport request within a few minutes.
Delivery on time
Satisfied customers through clean delivery in the desired time window.
Pünktliche Lieferung
Excellent consulation
Quick feedback to your transport enquiries.
Smooth process
Automatic status updates for peace of mind.
Transport insurance
Your goods are insured with over 40 EUR per kg gross weight. Learn more >
Over 6000 customers ship faster with zipmend
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Your courier service for urgent shipments
Important documents, urgent goods, critical spare parts – we agree that this can’t wait until tommorrow. As a courier service for express transports, zipmend ensures the safe and rapid delivery of your shipment, even providing same-day delivery.
Shipments per month
connected vehicles
Countries in service area 
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We can handle these shipments

From letter up to 10 pallets
Length up to 480 cm
Width up to 220 cm
Height up to 230 cm
From 1 kg to 1.200 kg

Price overview courier - Courier service - Direct trips

In the table you will find our courier service prices within Germany for express transports and courier trips.
For the exact price calculation and booking please use our price calculator.
Kleiner Transporter II
Small van
160 x 120 x 120 cm
max. 400 kg
up to 2 pallets
Beladung von hinten
from 49,- €
Mittlerer Transporter V
Mid-sized van
320 x 130 x 160 cm
max. 800 kg
up to 4 pallets
Beladung von hinten
from 69,- €
Großer Transporter III
Big van
420 x 210 x 210 cm
max. 1200 kg
up to 8 pallets
Beladung von hinten und von der Seite,
Beladung von oben hinzubuchbar.
from 119,- €
Großer Transporter mit Hebebühne III
Lifting ramp
420 x 210 x 210 cm
max. 800 kg
up to 8 pallets
Problemloses Laden von schweren
Packstücken (jeweils max. 400 kg),
Beladung von hinten oder der Seite.
from 179,- €
Loading from behind
Loading by side
Loading from above
Additional info
Easy loading of heavy packages (each max. 400 kg )
  • Including. 60 minutes for loading, unloading and other waiting time.
    Each additional hours started 30,- EUR net
  • No pallet exchange
  • Island transports only on request
  • Vehicle does not have a lifting platform
  • Loading or unloading assistance by courier drivers plus 30,- EUR, if a package weighs more than 31 kg, then the driver needs help with loading or unloading (exception: lifting platform vehicle with lift truck)
  • Invoice is sent by e-mail
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If you have a larger order or need a detailed offer, please contact our sales team.

What our customers say
Our service is valued by a multitude of companies from different sectors and helps secure supply chains.
  • Google Rating
    Excellent service with great communication, helpful couriers and very competitive prices. Also a grand help that they are available on short notice.
    Frederico L.
  • Google Rating
    We are very pleased with the service provided and we definetely recommend Zipmend for your Courier services. I called last minute and was happy that they were able to pickup and deliver important documents within a short period of time on the same day. Thanks and keep it up!
    Marilyn C.
  • Google Rating
    This was my first time using the service and it was extremely fast and reliable. Good communication and the best price I found online! What more can you ask for? Thanks guys!
    Patricio Z.
  • Google Rating
    Quick response, good communication, great prices for prompt ASAP deliveries. Be sure to adequately secure your shipment. Contracted the company to transport my household moving wares (packing and unpacking being my responsibility) and saved several hundred euros.
    Skye C.

Courier service for direct transports

No time for detours? As a courier service for time-sensitive transports, we travel throughout Germany and other European countries every day. We pick up shipments from the airport, deliver them at trade fairs or bring them from Italy to Germany.

For this purpose, we have a courier service network of over 8.000 vehicles, which are available quickly and flexibly in 60 to 120 minutes.

Our customers come mainly from the fields of mechanical engineering, event and trade fair, forwarding and electrical engineering. This includes large corporations but also many medium-sized companies.

For these, our courier service transports all types of packaged shipments quickly and directly to the recipient, from documents to pallets.

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zipmend Express - Courier service

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